A Visual Markhor Guide.

This guide is intended to demonstrate exact locations of all 48 food items in order to acquire the EzGun. Except where noted, this run was completed using a new game set on Normal using the "I Like MGS3!" option. The EzGun can be acquired using any of the other options available when starting a new game.

There are 44 food items and 4 medicinal plants to collect.

To attain a true Markhor rank, one must collect all 48 food items in a single playthrough and either a)get caught more than once, b)kill more than two people, or c)use special items. No foods carry over to the next playthrough and the EzGun itself does not carry over to other difficulty levels. If you want to use it on any other difficulty level other than the one you have acquired it on, you need to do it on that difficulty level.

The Calorie Mates, Russian Rations and Instant Noodles are NOT food items and do NOT need to be collected.

No eating of food items is necessary. Simply collect the item as it floats in the air.

Some item locations are duplicated to illustrate multiple opportunities.

Food items collected in the Virtuous Mission count towards the 48 item total.

Virtuous Mission

Dremuchij South
 Giant Anaconda (Snake G)
Russian False Mango (Fruit B)
Russian Oyster (Mushroom A)
Tree Frog (Frog B)
Siberian Ink Cap (Mushroom C)
Reticulated Python (Snake H)

Dremuchij Swampland
Indian Gavial (Gavial)

Dremuchij North
Magpie (Bird D)
Yabloko Moloko (Fruit A)
Sunda Whistling Thrush (Bird E)
Golova (Fruit C)

Hornet Nest (Nest)

Operation Snake Eater

Dremuchij East
Cold Medicine (C Med Medical Plant)

Dremuchij North
Green Tree Python (Snake F)
King Cobra (Snake A)

Chyornyj Prud
Coral Snake (Snake D)
Milk Snake (Snake E)
Otton Frog (Frog A)
Poison Dart Frog (Frog C)
Arowana (Fish C)

Bolshya Past South
Tsuchinoko (Tchnko)

Bolshaya Past Base
Rat (Rat)

Bolshaya Past Crevice
King Cobra (Snake A)
Coral Snake (Snake D)
European Rabbit (Rabbit)

Chyornya Peschera Cave Branch
Kenyan Mangrove Crab (Crab)
Russian Glowcap (Mushroom E)
Taiwanese Cobra (Snake B)
Vampire Bat (Bat)

Chyornya Peschera Cave

Maroon Shark (Fish B)

Ponizovje South
Bigeye Trevally(Fish A)

Ponizovje Warehouse Docks
Cobalt Blue Spider (Spider)

Graniny Gorki South (Before The Fear)
Japanese Flying Squirrel (Squirrel)
Fly Agaric (Mushroom D)

Graniny Gorki Exterior: Outside Walls
Red Avadavat (Bird C)

Graniny Gorki South (After The Fear)
Tsuchinoko (Tchnko)

Svytagornyj South
Styptic (Medical Plant)
Disinfect(Medical Plant)
Splint (Medical Plant)
Spatsa (Mushroom F)
Baikal Scaly Tooth (Mushroom G)
Vine Melon (Vegetable)

Svytagornyj West
Ural Luminescent (Mushroom B)

Sokrovenno South
Parrot (Bird A)
Very East/Easy  Normal   Hard  Extreme/Euro Extreme

Sokrovenno North
Markhor (Markhor)
Parrot (Bird A)
Very East/Easy  Normal   Hard   Extreme/Euro Extreme

Sokrovenno West
Parrot  (Bird A)
Very East/Easy  Normal   Hard   Extreme/Euro Extreme

Krasnogorrje Mountain Base
Thai Cobra (Snake C)
Emperor Scorpion (Scorption)
White-Rumped Vulture (Bird B)

Markhor (Markhor)

Rokovoj Bereg
Snake Solid (Snake J)
Snake Liquid (Snake I)
Snake Solidus (Snake K)

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